a banner featuring a digital drawing of Jess in a purple and pink swirly shirt, turned away from the camera but looking back with a grin. They have been drawn with pink hair; a line drawing tattoo of a flower is visible peeking out from under their shirt sleeve on the back of their arm.

Hi friend!

I'm Jesse Meadows,

a writer, digital artist, and content creator.

I specialize in queer studies, neurodiversity, and mental health through the lens of lived experience.


A journalist in the depth of my heart, I’m in a passionate committed relationship with research - my greatest skill is taking a scholarly paper and distilling it into a form that anyone can digest. I am obsessed with understanding the how's and the why's and sharing that wonder with others. 

I went to art school and worked as a documentary photographer for ten years, then as a magazine writer and news editor.


In 2018, I started making memes as a form of art therapy after a mental health crisis, and found them to be a powerful medium for expression, connection, community building, and education.


My work is focused on using digital art to educate and advocate for my communities: neurodivergent, non-binary, bi+, and survivors of trauma.